Did you know?

emqc doesn't use company cars and transport by train is encouraged whenever possible

Corporate Social Responsibility

Principles of emqc business

Our aim is to identify best practices that maximise competitive as well as social benefits, measure our impact on society and the environment and communicate what we do through the basic principles of social engagement, coupled with sound business practices.

We believe that for business as well as for social reasons, we should commit to carry out our business in a socially responsible way, upholding our company values and the following key principles:

  • To operate ethically and with integrity
  • To respect basic human rights
  • To sustain the environment for future generations
  • To be a caring and contributing neighbour in our local community
  • Reducing our environmental footprint

emqc actively and continuously look at ways to reduce our environmental footprint. For example:

  • Looking at ways to reduce the level of material resources required to support our business
  • Sourcing services and resources from socially responsible traders wherever possible
  • Re-using products wherever possible
  • Recycling wherever possible
  • Reducing the energy needed to run our offices
  • Using public transport, where possible, to reduce business miles travelled by car
  • Membership of local schemes and initiatives designed to improve the environment.