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Our Associate Team

Our experienced network of Associates have extensive expertise in a variety of sectors and size of organisations, each with different backgrounds and experiences. This means that you will receive a knowledgeable and impartial analysis.


Our Associates carry out assessments of the quality standards on behalf of emqc Ltd and they will work with you to plan and achieve maximum benefit from your assessment. They are in direct contact with you at every stage of your journey prior to and post assessment activity to provide continued support to you and your organisation.

Associate Developers

The Associate Development Team are responsible for providing the practical support and development of Associates through peer observation and Continuous Professional Development interactions that enable Associates to be able to carry out advice and assessment activities effectively

Lead Associates

The Lead Associates work closely with emqc to help develop and manage our quality standards. We have contract managers for both matrix and Merlin. We also have International Strategic Developers who help develop the standards internationally.